I suppose you all who listen to my music should know how I make it.

So far, all of my songs have been recorded with a $50 dollar microphone, (a Blue Snowball,) and I use Audacity, (which is free.) That's it, unfortunately. I have an effects pedal for my guitar and I have a $100 Yamaha keyboard I have used at times. Besides those, all my effects have been done with my voice and some editing, (very limited editing with Audacity too.)  The holiday season and Winterman blessed me with some new gizmos on Chrimbus though! :D

I recieved a M-Audio M-Track that came with Ignite and I also recieved Magix Music Maker and Studio along with a soundpool collection. I unfortunately cannot use a single bit of any of it because the installation went all screwy, so it looks as though I won't be having any great quality recordings any time soon. I will still be recording with what I can and hopefully I can bring to you all more lovely musickz!


2014-12-28 01:35:47 by TorstenCradles

Hello there fellow internet peasants!! I see that your surfing has lead you to my filthy, little, cyber island. How wonderful!! :D

I am an independent musician that draws from all sources of inspiration. I adore variety and I cannot accept the thought of an album having one and only ONE kind of genre or musical style on it, (unless it's a concept album or whatever, there are a few exceptions I suppose, but most times it really bugs me.) I love surreal and satirical concepts and they may even branch into what is considered, "Avant-Garde," but I do not see myself as one of those, "Muuuagh. You simply just don't understand it," bastards while someone is banging a pan with a screwdriver. *I'm not saying that is what avant-garde is. Calling something avant-garde just has that connotation at times.*

I don't really think of myself as anything other than a musician, or artist in a more general sense, but others may usually classify me and my content as experimental/psychedelic/alternative rock. Whatever I am, I hope it brings yah ahl sum enjoyment now!! My real goal and passion in life is to bring enjoyment, entertainment, humor, and wonderful music to people's lives. I hopes ya'll liek it. :)